A little history

A fully independant distribution business since 2010, AUX TERROIRS got involved in selling cheeses from all over the world to restaurants, caterers and hotels back in the early '90s as part of LA FROMAGERIE ATWATER, a retail store in famous Atwater Market in Montreal. The business started in 1972, selling cheddar cheese, eggs, honey and... leaf tobacco! It has since become THE reference in Canada in everything that concerns cheese. La Fromagerie Atwater got involved in Quebec artisan cheeses from the very beginning and played a very important role in helping to develop and both at their counter and through distribution, promote them, to customers, restaurants, caterers and other boutiques everywhere. Since then, the distribution section has grown to be on its own and thus, AUX TERROIRS was born.

What's artisan cheese?

Artisan cheese is made in small quantities, usually on the farm with the milk from one single herd. It can be raw milk or pasteurized. It usually follows slow-food philosophy. It often is organic although not always certified. It is made in accordance with the region’s speci- ficities. It varies in texture, colour and flavour from one season to another, even from one cheesemaker to another within the same farm.

Who am i?

My name is Alain Besré. Some say I am the reference in cheese all over Canada. Some call me the «godfather of cheese». Whatever... I just love cheese. I have been learning, teaching, selling, distri- buting, discovering and loving cheese for over 25 years. I was named «Chevalier de la Confrérie du Taste Fromage de France».