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Le Jardin des Chefs is a small agricultural business that produces a wide variety of vegetables, most of which are available in miniature versions for Québec chefs. Jean Leblond, considered a pioneer in this field, paved the way by focusing on his passion for exceptional vegetables. His daughter Valérie took over the reins with great enthusiasm in summer 2012. While continuing the production of edible flowers and mini-vegetables, she is opening a new chapter by offering the Gorria pepper, an Espelette type chilli pepper, sown, harvested and dried at the farm, ground or in added to sea salt, for retail and foodservice applications.

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Produit Poids Type
Gorria Pepper – Fine Grind 6 x 30 g
Gorria Pepper – Fine Grind 175 g
Gorria Pepper – Flakes 6 x 30 g
Gorria Pepper – Flakes 175 g
Gorria Pepper Flavoured Sea Salt 6 x 175 g