L’Origine de Charlevoix

Laiterie Charlevoix

L’Origine de Charlevoix


Soft paste; mixed rind


Blend of pasteurized cow and cow milk




Laiterie Charlevoix

Fat %


Moisture %



110g, 400g


20 to 25 days

  • Cow
  • Cow
  • Pasteurized

L'Origine de Charlevoix has a slightly bloomy orange-coloured rind and an unctuous and runny cream-coloured paste. This cheese features sharp fruity, nutty and animal aromas. It has a rather pungent taste with rich hazelnut notes and a hint of salt.

By evoking the fall of a meteorite on the region 350 million years ago and the resulting mountainous terrain, the name of this cheese is a nod to the terroir unique to the region. The Origin of Charlevoix is considered the Quebec cousin of the French Reblochon and is also used in tartiflette. The mountainous massif of Haute-Savoie recalls the typical geography of Charlevoix.


Established in 1948 by the Labbé family, back in the day Laiterie Charlevoix bottled and delivered milk in the village of Baie Saint-Paul. By the 60s, it distributed milk as far as Baie-Comeau, and also transformed it into cream, butter and cheddar. It met with great success until the 70s when industrial-sized dairies began to emerge, an era when artisan and regional dairies and creameries were quickly vanishing. In the 80s, Baie-Saint-Paul’s dairy abandoned its milk-bottling activities to concentrate on cheesemaking.  

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