Charcuterie Charlevoisienne


Founded in Charlevoix by Lyn Tremblay, Charcuterie Charlevoisienne has developed a unique expertise in the production of artisanal charcuteries. For over 10 years now the business has been creating a complete range of products including hams, bacons, sausages, salamis, pâtés and terrines, in addition to a selection of sterilized goods. All their products are made in Charlevoix, with exceptional care given to quality and adherence to the highest standards.

Non-federal products: These products are available for Quebec clients only

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Produit Poids Type
Charlot Sausage with 1608 1 kg Pork
Charlot Sausage with 1608 140 g Pork
Pepperoni 3.2 kg Pork