Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix


Founded in 2001 by Damien Girard and his wife Natasha McNicoll, the mission of Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix is to offer you the best products to help you eat and live better. A family business, this producer-breeder-processor also grows organic grain for chickens, turkeys and pigs. Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix proposes a variety of meats, charcuteries and sausages made according to the best traditions. 100% organic, 100% Charlevoix!

Non-federal products: These products are available for Quebec clients only

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Produit Poids Type
Pork Cretons 12x220 g Pork
"Le Pieux" Dry Sausage 1 kg Pork
"Le Pieux" Dry Sausage – Sliced 1 kg Pork
Blue Cheese/Mushroom/Hazelnut Nutmeg/Chorizo Dry Sausage 6x150 g Pork
"Le Rodin" Dry Sausage 12x140 g Pork
"Le Petit Pieux" Dry Sausage 6x250 g Pork
Pepperoni 700 g Pork
Chorizo 1 kg Pork
Cured Ham – Whole 5 kg Pork
Cured Ham – Sliced 6x130 g Pork
Cured Ham Lardons 170 g Pork