Fromagerie L'Ancêtre


Fromagerie L'Ancêtre

Our story begins in Centre-du-Québec, in 1986, when a number of dairy farmers decided to change their production methods. They wanted to work in an environmentally friendly way and treat the land as a living organism. In other words, they wanted to farm organically. After a certain amount of trial and error, seminars, site visits and group discussions, they were able to fine-tune what they had learned and improve their techniques.

The group completely changed all of their usual farming techniques. They tried treating their cows with alternative medicines, changing the way they bred their calves, using compost and eco-friendly manure and rotating their crops. Their daily activities were now in harmony with the environment.

This is when the ten founding members of the group decided to get together and create L’Ancêtre. What was their goal? To promote organic milk in a very special way: instead of using conventional methods, they would turn organic milk into organic cheese.