Ferme Basque de Charlevoix


Close to the Parc des Grands Jardins, in Saint-Urbain, Charlevoix, Ferme Basque de Charlevoix specializes in the production and artisanal transformation of duck foie gras and other duck delicacies.

Since 2022, a young and dynamic family, rich with their agri-food experience, operates the Ferme Basque with the same passion as the past owners. They ensure continuity to deliver products that meet the exceptionnal quality that made the reputation of this outstanding producer.

Allow yourself to indulge in their mouth-watering rillettes, pâtés and mousses, as well as other copious meals.

Non-federal products: These products are available for Quebec clients only

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Produit Poids Type
Duck Rillettes 180 g Duck
Duck Rillettes 90 g Duck
Duck Pâté with Foie Gras 180 g Duck
Duck Pâté 180 g Duck
Duck Pâté 90 g Duck
Foie Gras Mousse 180 g Duck
Foie Gras Mousse 90 g Duck
Duck Fat (indefinite) 250ml, 500ml, 1L ou 3.5L Duck
Cassoulet - 2 portions 1 l Duck