La Ferme des Quatre-Temps


La Ferme des Quatre-Temps is a regenerative agriculture project based in Hemmingford, Québec, and supported by author and agricultor Jean-Martin Fortier, as well as businessman André Desmarais. The small team of about ten workers is constantly striving to improve agricultural methods, notably by raising their animals in forest pastures. This innovative and hollistic method ensures high-quality charcuterie. With the care and attention they provide their livestock, lands and products, the Montérégie region has something to be proud of.

Non-Federal products: only available in Québec province

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Produit Poids Type
Saucisson Fermier 10 x 100g Pork
Saucisson ail noir 10 x 100g Pork
Saucisson tomate cerise 10 x 100g Pork
Saucisson fleur de ciboulette 10 x 100g Pork
Saucisson Chorizo fermier 10 x 100g Pork
Bologne 3kg Pork
Coppa 1.5kg Pork
Lonza 1.5kg Pork
Nduja 2.5kg Pork
Pancetta 1.5kg Pork
Pepperoni 1.5kg Pork
Salami Cotto 1.5kg Pork
Soppressata 1.5kg Pork
Bresaola 1.5kg Beef