Laiterie Charlevoix


Laiterie Charlevoix Laiterie Charlevoix Laiterie Charlevoix

Established in 1948 by the Labbé family, back in the day Laiterie Charlevoix bottled and delivered milk in the village of Baie Saint-Paul. By the 60s, it distributed milk as far as Baie-Comeau, and also transformed it into cream, butter and cheddar. It met with great success until the 70s when industrial-sized dairies began to emerge, an era when artisan and regional dairies and creameries were quickly vanishing. In the 80s, Baie-Saint-Paul’s dairy abandoned its milk-bottling activities to concentrate on cheesemaking.  

Over the decades, while the firm shifted from selling dairy products to cheesemaking, it also expanded its retail and distribution operations. The cheese shop has become a major sales point for the region’s numerous agri-food producers, and a must among tourists and townfolk alike ‒ Laiterie Charlevoix welcomes over 200,000 visitors annually.

From top-quality milk sourced from local herds to the savoir-faire of its artisan cheesemakers, today’s Laiterie cheeses are renowned for their finesse. The seven Labbé brothers – the grand-children of the dairy’s founding fathers ‒ now run the business which, aside from its traditional Cheddar, also produces seven other fine cheeses as well.